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Seeking Research Participants

Good Sex, Bad Sex.

What Factors are Important to Women?

If you are (biologically) female, identify as New Zealander, at least 18 years old and interested in sharing your sexual experiences and attitudes by completing an anonymous online survey, then this research is for you to participate! We highly value your opinion.

An international research team is investigating sexual health and sexual problems in women

· Participants will be asked questions about their sexual experiences and attitudes

· This survey will take approximately 20-25 minutes to complete

· Your responses will be completely anonymous

· The aim of this research is to help develop novel treatment paths for women who are suffering from sexual problems

The survey will be open and available for completion until: 31st October 2018.

This study is part of an International study conducted in the United States, Hungary and now New Zealand women will have the opportunity to contribute.

The study is conducted by Dr. Rita Csako Senior Lecturer at the Psychology Department at Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand, alongside with Dr. David Rowland, Professor of Psychology in the United Sates and Dr. Krisztina Hevesi, Professor of Psychology in Hungary

If you are interested in participating please click on the following link:

If you have any question please e-mail Dr. Rita Csako on Please, feel free to ask questions anonymously bellow in the comments. We also highly value any feedback which you can give us here, and a brief summary of the research results will be published here.

Thank you for your contribution

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