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Dr Rita Csako:
Senior Psychologist

My Approach: Imagine you are planning to go on an overseas trip: you know where you want to get but you're not sure how to get there and what to do when you arrive. You might be a bit apprehensive but also curious and excited. Then you find a guide: someone who knows the most convenient way of traveling so as you can make the most of your journey knowing that there is someone to support you.


Therapy with me works like that: you tell me where you want to get and I will guide and advise you on how to do it in a way that suits your needs best.


I don’t believe in the “one size fits all” model, so I use a variety of therapeutic approaches and techniques and tailor it according to your needs, personality and life circumstances. We might start off doing traditional Cognitive Behavior Therapy, then arrive somewhere where acceptance becomes vital, so then we work on that a bit and use Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.


As a trained Clinical Hypnotherapist, I might recommend including some hypnotherapy sessions to speed up the process, or just to make your journey more comfortable or might teach you mindfulness skills to deal with daily stress.

Due to my strong academic background: I only use interventions where there is scientific evidence behind them. Given that I am a European Kiwi with an eclectic cultural background; I am open to and accepting of other cultures and belief systems. Therapy is about you and I will help you find the best way for you to reach your destination safely and explore it in a way that helps you improve the quality of your life. Everybody deserves to be happy and live a fulfilling and meaningful life.

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Links to my professional background:

Senior Lecturer & Clinical Leader (AUT)

NZ Registered Psychologist (Csako)

What clients say about Rita

"Thank you for your words of wisdom and encouragement. In my worst times AND my best times, it is your voice I will hear in my head. Thanks for your perception & guidance in my mission. 
With gratitude, Jane"

Adam Varga:
Office Administrator /
Business Manager

Adam is a friendly and helpful person, who keeps the service running so Rita can dedicate her time to clients and not have to worry about the vast array of administrative tasks, regulations and technical issues that a busy praxis generates.

Adam can provide information about the services available and referral information.

Adam Varga - Business Manager
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