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Dr Rita Csako:
Senior Psychologist

My Approach - Your Personalized Guide to Fulfilment:


Embarking on a therapeutic journey can be likened to planning an overseas adventure. You have an endpoint in mind but might be uncertain about the path and the experiences awaiting you. It's a blend of apprehension, curiosity, and anticipation. This is where I step in as your guide, offering clarity and support.


Your well-being is unique, and a "one-size-fits-all" approach doesn't resonate with me. Instead, I lean into a bespoke method tailored to your individual needs, personality, and life context. Our journey might commence with Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and as we progress, evolve into techniques like Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, particularly when embracing acceptance is paramount.


Being a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, I may suggest integrating hypnotherapy sessions to enhance our progress or introduce mindfulness techniques to help you navigate daily stressors. Every tool I employ is grounded in scientific evidence, ensuring you're receiving interventions of the highest calibre.


My diverse European-Kiwi heritage has cultivated a deep respect for various cultures and belief systems, ensuring an inclusive therapeutic space. Remember, therapy is a collaborative journey, tailored just for you. I'm here to ensure you not only reach your desired destination but also thrive in it. After all, everyone is deserving of a life rich in happiness, purpose, and fulfilment.

Dr Rita Csako, experienced and highly skilled psychologist, specializing in sexual psychology

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Links to my professional background:

NZ Registered Psychologist (Csako)

Google Scholar profile

What clients say about Rita

"Thank you for your words of wisdom and encouragement. In my worst times AND my best times, it is your voice I will hear in my head. Thanks for your perception & guidance in my mission. 
With gratitude, Jane"

Adam Varga:
Office Administrator /
Business Manager

Adam is a friendly and helpful person, who keeps the service running so Rita can dedicate her time to clients and not have to worry about the vast array of administrative tasks, regulations and technical issues that a busy praxis generates.

Adam can provide information about the services available and referral information.

Adam Varga Business Manager

You can find our sexual health clinic:

Address: 14 Cobblestone lane, Hillcrest, Auckland

E-mail:, Mobile Phone: 021 253 4752

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